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Applied Leadership Development


Applied Leadership Development


*The cost represented for this package is per person. Minimum purchase for this price is 8 participants.


Presenting Yourself Successfully (3 hr) WorkshopMake the best and most positive lasting impression during all your networking to open doors of opportunity and increase your success!

Work of Leaders (5 hr) Workshop – Increase your level of influence and see how you measure up with the best practices in effective Leadership Behavior.

Also includes:

·         Tele/Online Seminar (1 hr) Overview of ROI’s products and services

·         Newsletter

·         MyEverythingDiSC® Mobile App

·         An additional Everything DiSC® Profile of your choice plus one hour of coaching

·      One additional person can attend Presenting Yourself Successfully Workshop Free (See Descriptions above)

·         One additional person can attend Work of Leaders Workshop Free (See Descriptions above)

ROI Mastermind Group Pilot – ROI is starting a Mastermind Group in the New Year for discussing employee talent development ideas and challenges with performance and behavior in the workplace.  The purpose of this Mastermind group is to bring Leaders and Managers together for a safe place to discuss employee performance issues and a think tank to provide different solutions to creating a workplace culture where you have high performing, passionate employees. The focus will be learning from our collective wisdom, different approaches that have worked and what has not, and discussing any other Workplace Relationship related topics. 

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