Dana Riker Jackson     CEO

Dana Riker Jackson  CEO

Riker Opportunity Institute is the solution to employee engagement, talent development, and sustaining a high performance culture. Our transformational programs bring out and sustain the best in people and organizational performance.

Our objective is to strengthen your People Assets while equipping leaders and organizations to grow, lead and succeed by empowering them to:

  • Facilitate change effectively
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Make innovation everyone's job
  • Create an engaging workplace with high levels of trust and passionate employees
  • Attract and retain top talent

Identifying new, innovative trends and best practices in leadership and team performance is an ongoing objective.

We give you the best ROI on your training and development dollars by the results we achieve through our transformational programs and consulting services.

ROI specializes in helping organizations develop their leadership skills and the kind of workplace culture that cultivates and keeps top talent and that inspires extraordinary performance.